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Twin Wall Chimney Specialists

We are a Qualified HETAS HOO6 Twin Wall Chimney System Installer

Twin wall flue pipe (also known as chimney flue or insulated flue) is a type of flue system used when a traditional chimney stack is not available.

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Twin wall flue is used to get rid of the exhaust gases from a wide range of appliances including wood burning or multi fuel stoves, pellet stoves, boilers, incinerators, ovens and air conditioning systems

The twin wall flue is essentially a flue pipe, inside another flue pipe with a layer of insulation between the two pieces. This layer ensures that the exterior of the twin wall flue does not get hot enough to cause damage to surround structures, (although it does get warm to the touch)

Twin wall systems are available with a full range of fittings so you can build an entire chimney.

Therefore you can obtain straight lengths, elbows, a range of different wall brackets, chimney cowls, flashings (seals) etc...

The pieces are designed to push fit together and then sealed with a locking band. In some systems, the wall brackets also double up as locking bands - thus doing two jobs at once.

A twin wall system can be used to construct a chimney in a house where there is no traditional chimney stack, or to position a wood burner in a room with no chimney.

The installation of these systems is governed by the UK Building Regulations, primarily to ensure the safety of the occupants and neighbours of a property with such a flue. These are concerned with preventing a fire and preventing the leakage of potentially toxic chimney gases (such as carbon monoxide) into the building.

All our twin wall installations are carried out using Selkirk, Mi Flues and Schiedel twin wall chimney systems, so you can rest assured of a quality product and professional installation. 

Please see the gallery below for some examples of our Twin Wall Installations.

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